The Happy Magnet- Positive days and Positive ways

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The Happy Magnet- Positive days and Positive ways

The Happy Magnet

Positive days and Positive ways

by  Termina 

Happiness does not exist in the past or in the future. It only exists within our state of life right now, here in the present, TODAY. And happiness is our own choices.

A happy person is cheerful and wants to make the best of their life. They desire fun rather than let the ego stand in their way. They grasp the moment and make the most of any situation. They are not concerned with image, or expectations of others, they live, learn, and enjoy their life as it comes.  They love life, and this makes it easy to love themselves. They know life only moves forward when we try something new. Their belief in hope is also a benefit where they believe there is always a possibility, regardless of what the desire, need or circumstance is. 

People are attracted to happy magnets because they promote the good, are spontaneous and fun to be around. They choose to occupy their time with happy thoughts, images, music and visuals.

This book contains inspiration intended to add increase as all people have the ability to be a Happy Magnet.

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